Kou Shibasaki Fandom
Site Updates

October 15, 2004: Updated the Links Section with the addition of three fanlistings.

May 28, 2004: Updated the Links Section with the addition of two new unofficial fansites and the official sites to her new TV program and film.

April 18, 2004: I just made a small site focused completely on the characters of Go Go and Yuki Yubari. Check out the Yubari Sisters Fandom.

April 7, 2004: Linked to the Kou Shibasaki = Yuki Yubari thread on the new Fandom Forum.

April 3, 2004: Yesterday, I set up the Fandom Forum, a visual message board based on EZBoard technology. You don't need to register or sign in to post and reply to messages. If you have any questions about Kou Shibasaki or simply want to make a comment, you can now do so without any hassels. Check it out.

March 29, 2004: Cleared up the confusion over the Asian woman in the Kill Bill Vol. 2 TV spot.

March 11, 2004: Minor correction to some of the pages to ensure everything works well.

March 4, 2004: Added another trivia.

March 3, 2004: Conformed the site design to the same one used for the Chiaki Kuriyama Fandom website. I know it's simplistic so if anyone is willing to do a better one, please let me know. Added a trivia and the news about Orange Days.

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