Kou Shibasaki Fandom

English Language Websites

Kou Shibasaki Unofficial Website - Made by a French girl but presented in English. With many screen captures and other goodies!

Moonlight's Drop - Wonderfully designed fansite with information and pictures.

"Kou Shibasaki Fans" LiveJournal Community - Blog fans can join this community to get info, scans, and many icons.

Snowblood Apple - A great resource for fans of Asian Extreme Cinema.

battleroyalefilm.net - Detailed information and good analysis on all things Battle Royale.

Battle Royale Online - Another great Battle Royale fan site.

Chakushin Ari Film Review - From Japan Times Online.

Kou Shibasaki (Invision) Forum - A new forum created by another fan.


Mitsu: The Kou Shibasaki Fanlisting

Fallen Angel: The Mitsuko Souma Fanlisting - Mitsuko is the character Kou portrayed in Battle Royale.

Unfortunate: The Mitsuko "Hardcore" Souma Fanlisting - This fanlisting leans towards the Battle Royale manga rather than the film.

Japanese Language Websites

Official Kou Shibasaki Website

Official Universal Music Website - Kou sings and writes her own songs too.

Official "Chakushin Ari" Website - Released on January 17, 2004.

Official "Orange Days" Website - On television from April 11, 2004 to June 20, 2004.

Official "Sekai no Chushin de, Ai o Sakebu" Website - Released on May 8, 2004.

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